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TRUE Interview Series: Sapiens Mindset

Our minds play a major role when facing the everyday challenges. The establishment of a healthy and stable mindset is, then, a true synonym of success. This week, keeping up with the TRUE Interview Series, we would like to introduce you to another one of our partners, SapiensMindset.

Sapiens Mindset is a start-up focused on detecting, measuring and developing change, innovation and transformations through the mindset of people and organizations with a unique method. We spoke with Albert Riba, founder and CEO of the company, about the impact of TRUE.

Q: In general terms, what are the benefits that TRUE has helped to implement in your institution or organization? A: Thanks TRUE project we implemented our solution on a big project with near 5000 meditions and it allowed to us to work with different european countries Q: What are the future opportunities that open up in your institution or organization thanks to the impact of TRUE? A: When it comes to Sapiens Mindset, one of the main benefits incorporated by TRUE is the generation of opportunities as to develop even more innovative and European projects with new partners. We are convinced that new great partners are the key of our success on the future.

Q: What is the definition of entrepreneurship and innovation for your institution or organization? Is there consistency between this and the values of the TRUE project?

A: For us, being entrepreneurs, transforming people's needs or pains into solutions is the vision of entrepreneurship and innovation that moves Sapiens Mindset forward.

We are looking forward to presenting the hole impact of the project through this Interview Series. Stay tuned for our next story.


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