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UEx inaugurates the INNOVACIÓN space within the framework of the TRUE project

The School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Extremadura and red Ágora have inaugurated a holistic space in the school: INNOVACCIÓN, a space to lead social change and train engineers.

On the one hand, INNOVACCIÓN seeks to attract students to STEM professions. On the other, that students can develop transversal skills, entrepreneurial competeces and promote new teaching methodologies. Finally, his latest challenge is to expand the niche of permanent collaboration between companies in the region and the School of Industrial Engineering.

“We want to promote a training system based on student participation, with a project-oriented learning process and in which the student is the protagonist. Due to this methodology, it is important to have open spaces such as hyperclassrooms”, highlighted José Luis Canito Lobo, director of the School of Industrial Engineering, during the inauguration.

The space consists of two hyperclassrooms, a School-Company researchers area, two study areas and bibliographic resources, a manufacturing and prototyping laboratory (Fablab), a teamwork area and two Business-School meeting spaces.


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