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TRUE Interview Series: DTI Foundation

The TRUE project is changing the culture of the institutions that are part of the consortium. We are pleased to share with you the impressions of the partners, one year after the start of the project. This week, we would like to introduce you one of our partners, the DTI Foundation.

DTI-TPM (Transplant Procurement Management) is a non-profit organization with the commitment to raise organ donation in the world to improve society’s quality of life through training and consultancy. We spoke with Sandra del Cerro García, its European Project Manager, about the impact of the project.

Q: In general terms, what are the benefits that TRUE has helped to implement in your institution or organization?

A: The project TRUE helped us include in all our trainings (courses and masters) a new innovative way to teach, and also to create and establish private and public alliances.

Q: What are the future opportunities that open up in your institution or organization thanks to the impact of TRUE?

A: Thanks to the extensive network of contacts that are generated through the activities in the environment of the HEI initiative, we have managed to enhance the offer of our services. In particular, the Teaching for Innovation Course, which has been one of the activities that has had the greatest impact and hopes to be shared with other consortium.

Q: What is the definition of entrepreneurship and innovation for your institution or organization? Is there consistency between this and the values of the TRUE project?

A: For us, entrepreneurship is the motivation and the capacity that a person has, either independently or within a company or organization, to identify an opportunity and fight for it, to carry out changes, to react with intuition, flexibility and openness. Innovation is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems. We believe there is a consistency between this and the values of the True Project. In our organisation we are constantly searching for new ways of teaching and interact with students/participants of our courses. Part of our methodology is e.g. introducing gamification, using the case studies, digital tools and virtual reality. With the course “Innovation for teaching” which is part of the TRUE project we engaged different professors to share the knowledge in this filled with teachers to not only be innovative in our work but also to spread it.

We are looking forward to presenting the hole impact of the project through this Interview Series. Stay tuned for our next story.


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